All members of the Association when fishing shall strictly observe the following
(a) A member upon request shall produce their membership card and licence for inspection by another member who produces their own card, or to a bailiff, riparian owner or any person with lawful authority when fishing Association waters.
(b) Membership cards are not transferable under any circumstances.
(c) No person shall be permitted to fish club waters until such time as their subscription has been paid, or a day ticket purchased, and he is in possession of a membership card together with the appropriate Environment Agency licence.
(d) A member shall produce their bag or fish receptacle to any of the persons referred to in rule (a) above upon request when fishing Association waters.
(e) A member shall observe all restrictions and regulations governing the
Association waters.
(f) No more than one rod may be used for fishing at any one time and no type of hand-line or night-line shall be allowed.
(g) Each member shall take great care not to damage any walls or fences over which they might climb. If finding any wall or fence so damaged they shall repair it to the best of their ability on the spot and inform the secretary of the damage.
(h) Each member shall take great care to close each gate, which they open.
(i) No member shall walk through any ploughed field or a field containing growing crops or hay but shall keep strictly to the fisherman’s path running along the bank.
(j) A member shall not fish longer than 20 minutes at any one spot when another member wishes to fish over it. Members are asked to note that spinning takes preference over bait and fly takes preference over spinning.
(k) No member shall be accompanied by a dog.
(l) No member shall sell for profit any salmon, sea trout or trout caught in waters where the Association shall have had fishing rights or licence to fish granted to it.
(m) No member, unless he holds a salmon licence, shall use a bait or lure (other than worms) exceeding 1¼ (one and one quarter) inches (32mm) in length. In the case of a spinning bait the hook shall not be counted in these measurements, but neither should the hooks be out of proportion to the bait or lure.
(n) No member shall be allowed to take more than two brace of migratory fish or trout in any one day from any of the waters owned or leased by the Association. Members shall not take more than three Salmon in total in any one-year. [Separate rule for Llyn Crud-y-Gwynt]
(o) No member shall remove trout measuring less than 9 inches (23mm) from snout to fork of tail.
(p) Every member shall endeavor to do everything they can to enhance the reputation of the Association and to maintain the good opinion of riparian owners and farmers.
(q) No ground or feeder bait may be used.
(r) No maggots or other non-aquatic larvae or pupae may be used.
(s) No lead shot may be used at any time; only non-toxic substitute may be used in accordance with the Environment Agency bylaws.
(t) Members must at all times observe Environment Agency Bylaws as to seasons and restrictions on fishing.
(u) There is to be no spinning or bait fishing between sunset and sunrise.
(v) Catch returns must be made at the end of each season. Membership will not be renewed without a completed catch return. Those resigning should send their return with their letter of resignation.
(w) The membership fee must be paid annually on or before the Ist March. Members will be deemed to have resigned if they do not renew their membership before the 14th March in any year.
(x) Members are permitted a maximum of two guests in any one year on non-bookable waters only. Members must accompany their guests and shall be responsible for their conduct while on Association waters. Guest tickets will only be available from Foxons at a nominal charge.
(y) There shall be no coaching for profit on any of the Association waters unless the committee grants permission
(z) Junior members may fish all waters controlled by the Association but must be accompanied a senior member at all times.
(aa) Holding Members – Such membership is designed only to allow
members to re-join as full members without having to pay a joining fee.
Members on hold do not have voting rights nor are able to speak at an AGM/EGM although they may attend these meetings.
Additional Rules for Llyn Crud y Gwynt
(a) The lake is Fly Only with barbless hooks.
(b) All Brown Trout are to be returned.
(c) Only one fish may be retained [max of 2 in any week]. All fish caught to be logged in diary in hut e.g. Joe Smith 6 caught 1 taken. The maximum number of fish taken in a season must not exceed 10
(d) If you intend to keep a fish it must be the first one you catch, selective fishing is not allowed.
(e) All visits to be logged in hut diary even if nil return
(f) Fishing allowed between 8.00am and sunset.
(g) No keep nets to be used.
(h) Junior members must be accompanied at all times.
(i) Use of Booby or any similar method is not allowed
(j) Fish being returned to the lake should wherever possible be released in the water. Please make sure if you do have to handle a fish you wet your hands.
Non-observance of these rules shall be grounds for the expulsion or suspension of an offending member from membership of the Association.
Includes amendments made on 7th December 2010, 5th September 2012
and 3rd December 2014.